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Who We Are

We are a professional education system designed to bring in the right support and assistance to customers all over the country. We are fully focused on delivering the best experience while offering you comprehensive results and benefits every time.

school management

Our Mission

Our company is on a mission to helping you access some of the highest quality educational services on the market. We strive to offer every customer an experience that’s exciting, powerful but also distinctive and very professional every time.

school management

Our Vision

We have a vision focused on success and growth and we are always here to ensure that every customer gets the ultimate experience regardless of the situation. Our vision also focuses on affordability and growth for every client!


Providing Best Education resolution For
Growing Your Education sector.

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We Have over 10+ Years expertise

Welcome to Nolwa Pvt Ltd! We are an education-focused business that provides high quality school management software and solutions. Our business was created in 2007 and since then we started to assist a variety of companies from many Asian countries. We have a very reliable, outstanding team that has a lot of experience in understanding customer requirements and then providing top of the line solutions that schools can easily rely on.
Our primary focus is to help schools manage their tasks and their students with great ease. Each one of our solutions is carefully crafted to be fully customization for every school. On top of that, we are constantly adding new features and further expanding our school management software for you to get the utmost results and a very good experience regardless of the situation.
We started the NolwaBoard college management system at the end of 2018 as an associate open supply project. We’ve been operating for the OrbitBeam IT resolution company for the past 9 years. Our business is a non-public company registered in India and it can offer you all the solutions and support you need at a very good price.

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Our primary focus is to make it very easy to provide a huge array of solutions, be it integration, customization, website development, social media marketing and bulk email marketing. We can easily bring all your solutions to life in a clever and reliable manner. On top of that, we are constantly implementing new features to our school management software and we are carefully listening to the customer base to identify their needs and requirements regardless of the situation.
We are focused on your growth and at the same time we want to make it easy to access the solutions you need in a simple, clever manner. It’s always challenging to find the right systems that help you grow and expand. But with Nolwa Pvt Ltd everything comes natural, as we create outstanding, very dependable and extremely professional solutions you can always use for your business.
Whether you want to use our school management software or you just need to access high quality online marketing services, we are here to help. Our team is always expanding and we always cherish every relationship we initiate with clients. We are here ready to assist, don’t hesitate and get in touch with us for more information about our products and services, we guarantee you will be very happy with the results and experience!

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Nolwa Board have many job opportunity, Software engineers, develops, designs, an innovation team,


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