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Syllabus management system enables the division of the whole curriculum for a year. The systematic structure makes students learn at ease.

School Syllabus Management System in India

School Management Application

India has various syllabus in schools. For instance, State board, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, etc,. are quite popular. Each of them have different standards and methods of teaching. However, each school chooses only one board. Accordingly syllabus is available for the whole year. 

Academic year ends with the final exam. So, divide the lessons for the whole year. And finish the same before the final exam. This is the motto of every school and college. But colleges work on a semester basis. And they are twice a year. Thus the same approach follows.  Best software developer designed a useful feature.  As with nteachers Mobile app, teachers can perform task from anywhere at anytime. Teachers use mobile phones to put in place Syllabus management  system. Thus is useful in all the academic institutes including private tutorials.

Month or week division

First of all, target particular lessons to teach every month or week. The teachers use their nteacher mobile app to do the same. As this will also help parents track their child's learning.

Study materials

Teachers prepare relevant notes on all the topics. Also, students can make their own notes. Further, teachers upload it in the system. The same is visible to both students and parents.

Allot Assignments

Teachers can know if the students have understood all the topics in-depth. For the same, they can give assignments or conduct surprise tests. Allot internal marks for such activities.

On par with syllabus

This Syllabus management system allows you to check if you are on par with finishing the lessons. In case of irregularities, recheck and restructuring of the syllabus is possible. The teachers do the same with ease from their mobile phones.

Supplement with Q&A

Every topic followed by a question and answer session, ensures complete understanding by students. Because it involves brainstorming. Finally enables students to remember topics forever.

Track homework

Using the system, teachers can assign homework to the whole class. Further the same is visible in the student dashboard. Also the parent can view the same. After completion, it enables you to submit homework online.