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A record of good academic performance is not the end.

The student skills enhancement system India is a special tool to enrich the child. As it is a unique approach to find the gifted talents in every student.

Every human has special qualities. Hence, there is a need for a right platform to showcase the same.

School Management Application

Every school or college conducts exams at various levels to check academic performance. And so, the focus on extra curricular activities is very less. Because major focus is on the academic syllabus. But the complete growth of the child leads to a better individual. Thus is the need of personality development programs.

In view of the same, the best software development company in Kerala designed this system.


The school needs to identify various characteristics of each student.  Thus, the admin and teachers need to gauge students on multi fold  parameters. Some may excel in dancing, singing, acting. Additionally there would be students who are good in sports. Such talents are visible in cultural events or celebrations. Yet there are also students with good communications, orator , leadership qualities, writing skills. Identifying and improving such skills is very important.

Conduct Impromptu Events

Teachers can conduct some activities for each class. Moreover, even the admin or headmaster can arrange innovative events. Accordingly, the same can be either notified in advance. In contrast, can also organize impromptu sessions. For example, sessions on debate or group discussion.

Allot Marks

Divide full class into groups. As this allows you to analyse individual performance. Further allot some time to prepare. Also this teaches students to do team work. Then conduct the event. Finally allot marks to each student. This will be visible to students and their parents in nParent Mobile App. Finally the student skills enhancement system India makes it easy.

Add to the final result

As per need, classify these marks to be internal assessments. And add them to the final results. Also, mention the unique talents in his/her report card. Further this is visible to both parents, teachers and admin. They can accordingly guide the student to betterment. With the student skills enhancement system India this is easy to execute.
Hence it ensures the identification and improvisation of each student's talents.

Integrated with bio-metric system

Best software development company designed this unique feature. It enables the fingerprint tracking system. The moment the teacher comes to school, enters his/her own attendance by punching in the machine. Useful during generating salary.

Higher Authority Tracking

Class teacher can see all absent students for every subject in the day. At any point of time attendance is under supervision. Total number of students present is visible in the principal and admin dashboard. Also, it mentions the total number of working staff for the day.

Integrated with Leave Application

Incase of an emergency, parents can apply for leave through the parent's mobile app. Further, the administrator either approves or disapproves the leave. If approved, absent is marked in the system. Else, the same is visible to the parent and class teacher.