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Inventory is not only for shops. It is everywhere. Even in Home.

Stocking up, using and restocking things is what inventory is all about. And a simple school inventory management system is essential in the education sector.

Stationary and schools go hand in hand

School Management Application

Be it books, pens, chalks, dusters etc students and academies use the most stationary. Because every school needs them on a day to day basis. They are the resources of educational sectors. Thus there is a simple school inventory management system  that organizes all. Uniforms are different to different schools. And so there are vendors to ease such requirements.


Also exams are an integral part of every education institution. In case of offline exams, there is a huge requirement of answer sheets, white papers, etc,. Thus there is huge logistic management. A specific database maintains details of all the vendors and necessary things. Although there is no sales database unlike other inventory management systems. Office and the admin staff can access this system.

Vendor and stock database

Maintains the complete list of all things needed. Accordingly lists out the suppliers who provide them. Thus every stock can be individually bought as per the demand and consumption. As required places new tenders to add vendors.

Create PO for stock

Has a template for every purchase order. Thus creates and sends the same to the respective vendor. And so this allows us to maintain the date of order and date of acceptance. Finally, mitigates any delay in the process.

Track stock consumption

Concerned person gets the stock bought. The office staff update the same in the system. While nearing the finishing of the stock, reorders the same. As a result, this tracks any kinds of misuse of the products.

Generation stock reports

Every month generates a complete report. This is visible to concerned authority including the admin. If need be, the system can also generate at any point of time. Thus this simple school inventory management system eases out complete stock management.