scope of online library management system in school ERP software India

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Digitize the traditional library at ease.

Every school or college relies on books and other study materials to teach. Thus, the access to books should be the easiest means. And so there is a wide scope of online library management system.

Improving the reach ability to the ocean of information.

School Management Application

Schools and colleges continue to have libraries to serve a larger purpose. As they stock all the relevant information to enhance the skills. So, with the improving technology and access to knowledge, there is a need to have an online library. It has to upgrade the collection of books at every instance. Also be able to serve every student and staff at ease. 


Thus is the need for every school management software to devise a unique system. And attend to the increasing scope of online library management system. A separate login credentials for librarians is a must. Further extend the access of the library database to the admin. This ensures a secured online library in the school or college premises.

Unique ID for every material

Integration of all the books, magazines, journals with bar code, online. This allows them to allot and track the material at any point of time. Thus the database contains all the details of the book using this bar code.

Manage many libraries

Large organizations have many libraries. Thus the scope of an online library management system is to have a single point of contact. A single database and a system manages the complete activities of all libraries.

Reservation facility

In case the teacher needs a book. And the same is currently issued to someone else. The reservation helps you get immediately issued ones available. This is the most required feature in the current scenario. The same feature is available for students as well.

Notification of return due date

Once a librarian issues a book to a student, it is visible in the student and parent dashboard. Likewise in the teacher's dashboard in case the teacher has taken the book. Also the issue date is visible. Finally, they see a notification from the librarian if the same is not returned before the due date.

Generate library reports

As per necessity, the system enables you to generate a complete report. It is now able to generate monthly, yearly or weekly. Moreover, it gives every minute detail crystal clear. The same is available in the admin dashboard as and when required.