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Emergencies creep in !!! Backup is essential!

In real time situation, School Substitution Management Software India is very useful. The students’ schedule should not disturb the teacher’s emergency break.

The show must go on

School Management Application

Teachers and students get timetables assigned for every month or year. Whatever be the case, the same has to follow without halt. But there can be instances when the teacher needs urgent leave. Or s/he gets stuck with other more important work. In such a case, it is s/he responsibility to find a replacement. 


The nTeacher’s mobile app has an additional feature. Thus it also displays the schedule of their peers. In case of need, the teacher can find replacement through the mobile phone. When the teacher at the other end agrees, the automation system initiates substitution. And the temporary teacher allotted is the substitute for the class. Though these changes occur in case of emergency, tracking them is essential. Thus is the use of  School Substitution Management Software India.


The best software development company in Kerala implemented this unique feature. Likewise the substitute teachers can take over the class activities as per wish. In contrast, they can also get the tasks assigned by the concerned teachers. This ensures smooth functioning of the school at every point of time.

Access to peer's timetable

Teachers can use their mobile app to see timetables of fellow mates. Also they can exchange, extend or substitute classes as required.

Request to substitute

After making a note of available teachers, s/he can approach. Then, if agreed they can be the replacement. This can happen at a single click in the nteacher's mobile app.

Notify concerned people

Substitution is a rare case. Yet it needs intimation. Thus, ones the teachers accept substitution, the system updates the same. Finally, it is visible in parents, students, headmaster dashboard.

Easy Leave management

Before applying for leave, the teacher can check for all the substitutes. Once it is completely fixed, s/he can apply leave with a backup. For sure, this increases her chances to get the leave granted.