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SMS – Today sms is a widely used communication medium and a channel for delivering value-added services. Nolwa School Management software has developed SMS alert system for schools

It can also send bulk SMS that is one of the most cost-effective methods of sending information to as many recipients as possible: students, teachers or parents and people out of school.

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Through frequent communication, the relationship between parents and school management becomes thicker.
Communication in one way, so you can avoid disturbances.
Branding: The name of the school will appear in the name of the sender instead of the number of the phone.
Save: Cost, Energy and Time.
Simply upload as and when you need more messages.
SMS history for all transactions is maintained.

NolwaBoard School Management Software integrated – no additional data entry is required.
Predefined templates – can be used according to the “message library”
Custom messages – can be created according to the specifications.
Message Scheduler – can be configured without any manual intervention to send automatically
Students. Students. For example: Rain Alert, Interruption of transport, Class Cancelation
Absentees: In one go, send an instant message to Absent Students ‘ parents.
Instant Result: Instantly let the model / Term marks of your students or their parents know.
Students and parents can be informed of special classes.
Parents: The parents can be informed of the teachers meeting.
Parents may be informed of the fees due date.
Parents may be informed of pending fees.
If necessary, examination schedules can be sent to students and parents.
It is possible to send festival and birthday wishes from school. For instance.
Alumni – Students who have passed out may also be informed of any details to be provided from the school.
Student activity – You can send homework, sports, cultural performance etc.