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Best Functionalities of Nolwaboard

 A unique software designed by Nolwa. It is the best school management software. It provides a complete suite of school and management operations.  All functional activities can be updated and tracked online. Starting from admissions to exams and results.

It includes 25 + modules with 9 built-in users.  Provides security through Super Admin and Admin level monitoring.  Customized login credentials for every Teacher, Parent and Student.  Separate Accountant and Librarian login for easy monitoring.

Admission Management System

Digitize the whole admission process with the easy to use school management software. Admission can now happen from anywhere, anytime. All the details can be updated online. And the same would reflect in the system in no time.  

-> Maintain record of admission inquiry
-> Sharing information online
-> Enables paper free admission process
-> Online registration process
-> Immediate link to student database

Student Management System

Students play an important role in every educational sector. Maintaining the student database is the most tedious job. It is the only database with huge data. With our best school management software, it has become quite easy.

-> Maintain complete data of every student
-> Photo of the student can be uploaded
-> Parents and guardian details updated
-> Automatically generates roll number
-> Generates ID card
-> Exam reports are synced with every student.
-> Explicit skills of each student are highlighted
-> Specific improvement areas are noted down.
-> Tracks complete growth of every student.

Attendance Management System

Our school management application, NolwaBoard is integrated with a biometric system. It allows us to maintain an online attendance register for students and staff. We excel in providing 3 types of attendance.

-> Automatic tracking of attendance
-> Subject wise attendance is now possible
-> Generate attendance reports daily, monthly and annually
-> SMS alert to parents of absent students
-> Daily report to be tracked by headmaster
-> Percentage report for better analysis and action

Fee Management System

Fees is the reliable source of income for every educational institution. Thus it has been managed and collected regularly. Our unique school management software, Nolwaboard has an exceptional feature.

-> Collect Fees Online
-> Integrated with online payment gateways
-> Allotting concession (if any) to specific students
-> Mapping money transactions with student accounts.
-> Automatic generation of fee receipt
-> Notification to parents who are due to pay fees
-> Notification of extra charges(if any) to be collected.
-> Automatic integration to accounts database.

HR Management System

Every school has both teaching and non teaching staff. Each of them play an important role. Their database is as important as the student database.

-> Manage staff details from recruitment to retirement
-> Store complete information of every employee.
-> Auto generate employee ID card
-> Maintain comprehensive employee report
-> Customised employee search and task allocation

Event Management System

Every school and college conducts special events apart from regular academic programmes. Organise, conduct and notify any kinds of events easily. Inbuilt calendar lets you mark all the important days.

-> Broadcasting of upcoming events to everybody
-> Customised notification to specific group of students, parents or teachers
-> Synchronize all activities with the calendar
-> Notification being sent through bulk sms
-> Bulk email sent regarding all kinds of notifications.

Front Desk Management System

Entry to any school and college is highly restricted. Only students and staff are permitted. It is considered to be a safe zone. Our school management system allows the premises to be secured

-> Purpose of every visitor is tracked
-> Gate pass is generated automatically
-> Maintenance of digital visitor log book
-> Check in and check out time of visitor is noted

Hostel Management System

Huge number of schools and colleges provide hostel facilities. Our all-in-one school management system allows us to maintain complete information of inhouse students.

-> Manage multiple hostels
-> Registration for residential accommodation
-> Allotment of room and bed to every student
-> Segregate charges as per AC or Non AC rooms
-> Synchronizing the payment with student school fee payment

Academic Management System

In schools, the whole course of every subject is divided for the whole year. Similarly for semester in colleges. With our easy to use curriculum management system, structurise everything online.

-> Dividing the course into month wise
-> Preparing concerned materials
-> Allocating related assignments
-> Tracking portion completion
-> Analysing the questions and answers
-> Allotting homework

Examination Management System

Scheduling and conducting exams is the most tedious part of education. It is to be monitored strictly for any kinds of mischievous activities. Evaluating and broadcasting results just adds up to the huge work. Our best School ERP system enables us to conduct online exams easily.

-> Schedule exams online
-> Send exam notifications with just a click
-> Create n save question papers
-> Conduct exams both online and offline
-> Upload Results online
-> Automatically promote students according to exam results

Accounts Management System

While fee is the source of income, the expenditures are also to be tracked efficiently. Our best school management system enables you to automate all financial transactions at ease.

-> Track the fees
-> Make salary payment to all staff
-> Track the stationary expenses
-> Maintain complete record during events or gatherings
-> Easy to maintain miscellaneous expenses
-> Automate whole accounting process

Student Skill Tracker

The only school management software that focuses on personality growth of every child. A complete nurture includes enhancing the hidden talents of every student. School and colleges are the right time to recognize the same. Accordingly parents and teachers can work together for the betterment of students.

-> Conduct varied activities
-> Recognise various traits of students
-> Supervise every child for various skills
-> Enable special recognition
-> Child’s skills visible to parent
-> Accordingly motivate child to extracurricular activities

Substitution Management System

Preparing and following a timetable is a one time task. However due to various reasons substitution of classes and teachers is a real time task to be handled efficiently. This unique school management software helps to manage substitutions easily.

-> Teacher can automatically arrange substitution
-> Class Teacher can track the same of her class
->Teacher can request colleagues for the same
-> Available teacher can voluntarily allocate themselves to the class
-> Track teacher availability online

Library Management System

Integrated library management solution for smooth functioning of library. Efficiently managing in-house operations of the library.

-> Barcode integration to all the books
-> Manage multiple libraries
-> Track and notify students who are due to return books
-> Book reservation facilities for students and teachers.
-> Digital tracking of issues and return of books.
-> Generate complete library reports

Inventory Management System

Logistic management is the most crucial part of any business. Every school and college has ample inventory to be managed. Our best school management system enables you to manage all kinds of logistics at ease.

-> Maintain details of vendors
-> Define stock category
-> Maintain Stock issue and return
-> Track Stock consumption
-> Safety stock alert
-> Create Purchase orders
-> Maintain Stock transaction reports


Our school management system has the best features inbuilt. However we thought it is easy when it synchronizes to additional softwares. We thus built in few add ons that few institutes may need.

-> Tally integration for easy accounting
-> Biometric integration for both staff and students
-> Virtual classroom for conducting online classes
-> Customised Mobile apps
-> Deploy an operational dynamic website
-> Sync relative data with google drive
-> Bulk email and SMS notifications
-> Online payment gateways