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Exam Management

Most of the education insinuations face a pain full issue exam management, Exam officer or principle can declare exam date , until end of data teaches can simple manage exam marks update through mobile

Dynamic Attendance

Education institution can manage their own style attendance function, like one time per day attendance, or two time attendance per day or every subject attendance per day.

Online Payment

Fee collection is one of the most important part, Parents are spending more time for make payment from locally, Now we can indgrate any bank payment gate way, most of the main payment option already in our system,

Custom Mobile apps

One of key future we are offering for school parent mobile custom apps. NolwaBorad have spacial apps for Parent Student and teaches, it will help to more easy to communicate each other.

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School Management System provides technical excellence that supports various types of models to meet any client's browsing needs. We know that with every passing day, school management has become tougher. If you are willing to participate in the digital revolution, this is the right destination for you. Our expert will provide you with complete control of the system using our user-friendly

We believe that everyone deserves access to education, regardless of geography, financial situation, lifestyle or disability. Our solutions deliver to support your objectives.


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NolwaBoard School Management Software is a user-interactive, flexible, robust, easy-to-access and diversified School / College / University Management ERP platform, which can be embedded in every generation devices. It is a smart educational system, which enables every feature, functions and completes the daily needs of School, Colleges, Universities and Educational Institutions. It provides different roles and functionality to every unique user with diversified perspective.

Free School Management Software
School Management System, NolwaBoard

A software to automate the whole functionalities of the school. An all-in-one tool to manage database, finances and day-to-day activities.

Mobile Apps

Manage your students, library, fee, admissions higher. Track attending. absent notifications. Email/SMS Notifications. Schedule And Grade Exams. Services: Multi-language Support

CMS Website

We offer an operational website that can be dynamically managed. With a vast experience as website development company, we create illustrative websites.

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Free School Management Software

Your needs are complex and specific. And, they're continuously evolving—therefore we are too. Hear how our clients use Blackboard solutions to make the biggest impact on their students' experience.

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Free School Management Software

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