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Education sector is the most responsible authority to nurture the future generation.

Additionally, providing residential facilities is no easy option. The school hostel management system Riyadh and across the world is very important. As it is a place that teaches discipline.

School Syllabus Management System in India

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Schools own a huge responsibility of imbibing values. Further, hostels make every student lead a routine life. Having the time divided for every activity is very important. So, starting from waking up in the morning to going back to sleep at night, there is a time fixed for everything. All the students wake up and sleep together. And they need to maintain their personal belongings.

Providing accommodation is not easy. For instance, arranging beds, assigning rooms for every child is a tedious task. The hostels have time fixed for studies, dinner, sleeping, playing, etc. 

Across the globe, the school hostel management system Riyadh is essential. Because, it helps in efficiently managing the base tasks.  Based on the number of students, there would be a number of hostels. Also, it assigns different kinds of accommodation. 

Schools and hostels serve different purposes. And so, the best software development company aspired to create a two in one software. Hostel in charge gets unique login credentials. Just like every other feature, hostel management has an explicit database. Finally this is synced with the student database.

Manage many hostels

Each school can have many hostels. There can be boys, girls, or primary and secondary hostels. Each hostel needs different staff management. Based on the student's eligibility, the school hostel management system Riyadh allots rooms. Also it allows to manage all the hostels details in a single system.

Have various types of rooms

There would be dormitories. Also single, double and triple occupancy rooms. Apart from this there can be rooms with an attached washroom. Moreover there would be rooms with AC and non AC facilities. Thus the database stores all the information related to rooms and their capacity.

Allot based on payment

Different rooms may have different charges. Parents can choose the desired room based on availability. Further the payment reflects in the fee management system. Also is visible to the accountant team. The fee has an extra category of hostel fees other than the regular term or tuition fees.