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nTeacher mobile app is the firs app dedicated for teachers to manage 90% of work on their mobile device.

Teacher’s Mobile App is a smart tool for smart teachers. A unique mobile app developed for teachers exclusively. Allot and finish your day to day task with this easy tracker for teachers across the globe.

School Management Application

Teachers can perform their school activities optimally through phone.

Nolwa designed the best software for every schools and colleges.  Above all, the teacher’s mobile app is very useful. It enhances the whole school management system.

 nTeacher mobile app is available for both android and iOS users. It enables teachers to automate all the work from their phone. This app is ready to download from the play store. And so it is easy to install. It has advanced data protection and system security features. Hence, makes it a highly secured Teacher’s mobile app.


Parents relate to teachers  through students. Each task given to a student is visible to his/her parent. If need be they can communicate with each other.  The transparency between all the stakeholders makes it a highly feasible solution. This unique feature of the Teacher Management System leads to optimal performance. 

In conclusion, the well structured teacher dashboard improves performance.

Access Personal Profile

This school management system has a complete teacher database. Thus you can easily view your profile. Any changes like contact number or email id can be easily updated. Download payslip whenever required. The attendance management system for faculty makes it easy to track leaves.

Manage Academics

Teachers may use their cell phones, iPads or other portable devices. Manage the entire syllabus as per schedule. Your weekly timetable, classwork and homework of each class is visible at a glance. Accordingly you get the number of class. After that decide on topics to teach in each class.

Substitution Management

Incase of emergency, you can allot another teacher in your class. Further, this is automatically updated in the system. Class teacher can view the same. Substituting for others is rendering helping hand. And its become easy.

Class Teacher Login

Class teacher has access to additional features. S/he is responsible for the whole class. Therefore they can also be able to see each subject teacher activity. They can also know the students presence in each class. S/he can evaluate each students performance subject wise for betterment.

Send quick SMS and Email

Instantly send emergency messages. You can do itdirectly from mobiles to staff, students or parents. However, it can be either via email or SMS. This communications feature, is highly effective. Contrarily, parent of a particular student can directly approach you anytime .

Exam & Extra Activities

nTeachers mobile apps lets you conduct academic activities. Conduct surprise tests or allot experimental projects easily. Notify students about the same from your phone. It will also be visible in Parents dashboard. Further, evaluate the same and update results online. The results are immediately visible to students and parents.

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The nTeacher App can be downloaded from the iOS store in Apple iTunes, and from the Android Google Play Store.

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