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Using the nParent App, share important student information and key school news directly with parents via their smart phone or tablet.

The nParent App offers fast and simple access to everything parents need to learn about their child’s school life, including attendance records, test results, updates of awards and suspension, assessments and evaluations, schedules, school news and more.

You can customize the app to reflect the branding and terminology of your school. The built-in push alerts feature can also be used as a efficient and cost-effective new communication tool to improve school-parent interaction.

Technical Information

School Management Application

The nParent Software is a native software that’s built on mobile devices and tablets for parents. It increases security and offers quicker access to information. Your school will buy it so that it is open to parents and only operates in combination with the Nolwaboars school management information system and the parent portal.

The nParent App offers 78 languages: English, Arabic, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Thai, Simplified Chinese Russian.
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Features overview

A Log-in

Using a single username, parents can access an individual school profile in one central location for each child at the school.

Curriculum & Timetable

Parents will view the timetable and teaching groups for their children directly from their phone or laptop.

Going to school

The School Reporting module presents current and historical records from the schools. You can also display evaluation info.

Pastoral Activities & Training

Instant access to knowledge of the discipline such as detentions and punishing and record keeping.

External & Public Comments

Includes internal and public review plans, reports, timetables, and results from the modules for internal exams and external exams.

Life in School

Includes current and historical news and events reported from the Daily Bulletin board, News Editor, School Directory and Calendar Editor. The photo gallery can be accessed by parents too.

Subscriptions to Correspondence

Parents can access and sign up for updates from your school including emails and SMS messages.

Contacts with parents

Parents can use the App to update their contact information. Your school must then complete the authorisation before upgrading and changing the programme.


Customize the app to include the logo, colours and fonts of your school. Further strengthen it to have your own school icon and splash screens called and built uniquely.

Notifications on move

Uses regular or rich push alerts to exchange news about schools and share information with parents, such as test results, room changes and sports facilities. You can add notification sounds and buttons to enhance the app.

Statistics on the App

Useful data providing real-time information about the application's use by parents. Identify which areas of the application are most common and least popular.

Data Encryption

Constructed through three separate layers to include the school, computer, and user, data can be rapidly destroyed if a computer is lost or a user account is compromised. The degree of the encryption is regulated by your school.

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The nParent Mobile App can be downloaded from the iOS store in Apple iTunes, and from the Android Google Play Store.

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The iParent App has an easy-to-use gui, arranged through five main tabs

My Dashboard App

Watch a snapshot by date of related updates, reports, and calendar events.

My kids

Menus access profile for every school boy.


Check the contact information, show the history of communication and handle the subscriptions.

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