HR Management System essential for school ERP software | Saudi Arabia

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Human resource management systematizes the working structure.

An automated HR management system manages the human capital. It is a one stop platform for staff maintenance. Certainly, schools and colleges are no exception.

Teachers are pillars of any school or college. Also, the non teaching staff plays an important role.

School Management Application

Educational sector focuses on spreading knowledge. Students and teachers are the building blocks of every school and college. Furthermore, there is ample staff who are not into teaching. For instance, accountant, librarian, office staff. Another group includes the cleaners and nanny.  Further this group of non teaching staff is as important as teaching staff.


Every staff needs to access a system for their details. Further, it needs a very secured database. So, the best software development company designed this easy solution. They tried a quick application to manage the day to day work of each employee. Above all, the higher authorities need to check the performance. As a result, this user friendly HR Management System evolved. The admin has a right to access the profiles of each staff. Teachers have a customized mobile app to access their accounts.

Nolwaboard also have customized mobile app to parents and students. They can access to information from their phone at ease.


Automate system

Complete process of admission to retirement is automatic. First of all, the joining procedure is online. For instance, the system creates an offer letter. Further the employee accepts the same. As a result, it generates employee Id. Also the system maintains complete details of employees who left the organization.

Customized login

Every staff has individual login credentials. They can login anytime anywhere to see the details. As they can access their complete profile. Furthermore, they can also see their payslip, leaves, work allotted, working days, etc.

Allot work

Reporting head allots tasks. Contrarily, they can manage their own work tracker. As they have access to timetables and calendar. Teachers have an advantage. They have customized mobile app for use. It helps them do the work from the phone.

Performance Report

Just as students' performance is important, staff work is also important. At any point of time, the functional head can check the performance of every staff. For instance, they can see the work done in a month or week. Accordingly, appreciate the staff. Also if need be, take actions for improvement.

Notify when need be

Teachers can talk to parents and class. Further, class teachers can notify subject teachers. Likewise, accountants send fee defaulter reminders. Librarians send reminders to students and teachers for book return. Admin can send notification to all staff. Thus many such activities can happen.