Front office Management system in SchoolERPsoftware India Saudi Arabia

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Educational institutions are not in SEZ. Yet, they need the highest security.

The Front office Management system restricts the entry of outsiders. Directs only genuine visitors into the campus.

Safety of each student is the responsibility of every school or college.

School Management Application

Apart from students and staff, entry into schools is always restricted. Unless there is an emergency, even the parents are not allowed. Only on special occasions like open day, etc parents or guardians seek entry. However, they need to carry their Id proof. And all others are outsiders. Thus no entry permission granted. This is the feature of the Front office Management system. Only an experienced software developer can automate this functionality.


With special permission there are outsiders who visit the campus. For instance, the uniform maker, stationery distributor, media personnel, etc,. Such people enter the premises with utmost supervision. Complete information gets recorded in the Front Office Management System. In case of any issue the same is available in the school database for easy access.

Details of visitor

Enter the details of the visitor. This includes personal details along with ID proof. Further confirm the purpose of visit. Accordingly direct him/her to the right person. Simultaneously check for availability of that person on the campus at that point.

Gate Pass Generation

Confirm the visitor is genuine. Create an automatic gate pass for him/her. Outsiders cannot enter premises without a gate pass. Gate pass expires within a few hours of issue. And visitors need to leave the campus. This ensures high security.

Online visitor log book

An online log book has all the information about visitors. Also to whom they met on their visit. So, this enables access to the information in case of any emergency. Also mentions the check in and check out time for future use.