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Examination is to not only promote you but also analyse your level of knowledge

The Exams Management System is an important part of the education system. It is a means to test every individual. Further classify them on the basis of their level of understanding.

Exams are scary for students. And, increase the work of Staff. Burden for all !!!

School Management Application

Exams are crucial in making every student’s life. As they are the life turning points. Thus, every exam needs to be carefully conducted. There are many types of exams. For instance, internal and external. Almost every school and college follow the similar pattern of evaluation. Schools conduct exams by themselves except for the 10th class students. The central board organizes 10th class exams.

In contrast,  the affiliated university  conducts all the external exams in colleges .


Exams have various stages involved.  Likewise, scheduling the exam date till giving out the result.  Our easy to use software has the best Exams Management System. For the reason that it automates all the processes involved. Conducting exams for any number of students has never been this easy earlier. It is a super secured software with all the rights given to administrator.

Three Types of Attendance

Admin or headmaster can fix the exam schedule. After finalizing the date, they can send a broadcast message. This notification is visible to parents, students and staff. The bulk sms and email facility does this in a single click. This feature is synchronized with the exams management system.

Collect Exam Fees

Apart from tuition fees, there exists explicit exam fees in most institutions. Moreover, this can be either collected in the beginning of the year. Or, before the exam schedule. As per the process, can send fee notification to parents. And they can pay online or offline.

Set the papers

Each class has many subjects. Hence there are a huge number of question papers. As a result, teachers set the exam paper and upload it in the system. They use the teacher's mobile app for the same. Further, the system saves them with high security for the right use.

Conduct online exam

As per need, conduct exams either in offline or online mode. The login credential for each student to appear in the exam ensures high security. The students can login and finish their exam. In contrast, automation is possible for the traditional way of conducting exams.

Automate results

Concerned subject teacher evaluates each exam paper. Further allots marks for the same. And enters the result in the system. This is visible to all concerned people. For instance parents, students, and administration can view the same.

Online open day

Declare results of students on open day. Parents or guardians come to school to know their child/ren performance. In contrast, the system display results in the student database. As per the rules, it also promotes the students to next class. And is visible in Parents dashboard.