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Various activities give a platform to each child to showcase their talent.

Conducting events is no less than accomplishing a project. Thus,  Event Management System helps you organize, administer and execute events efficiently.

Creating an engaging experience for students, parents and teachers.

Competitions, cultural programs, exhibitions, inter school activities, etc are events held in institutes. Yet, based on the size of school and college, there are small or large scale ceremonies. Events can be simple group discussion in the class conducted by the teacher. Also can be a festival celebration arranged by the administration. Further, it can be an inter school competition conducted by an outsourced company. Above all the annual day function held every year in each school. Most noteworthy it is the much awaited event in each school, college or university.

Planning activities is the major part of every event. The Event Management System is important in schools and colleges. Because students are not professionals who already know how it functions. Also such cases involve parents, teachers, students, academics, etc. Nolwaboard is one such unique school management system integrated with this feature.

Notify in parents dashboard

Planning right time

Incase of large scale events, the admin holds the authority to fix the date of the event.  Also, the principal and respective teachers’ involvement is must to decide the same. Takes into account, syllabus completion and shortcoming exams to finalize the date

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Notifying each stakeholder

A small assignment submission is also an event. But confines to class/es. In such a case, the teacher sends notification to students and parents of specific calls. While the admin sends broadcast messages for any other events.

Automatic accounts update

Assigning tasks to execute

Events like annual day, etc need deep planning. Careful allotment of resources. Special task allotment to each staff is essential. This helps quick monitoring and easy execution. Student representatives are also assigned.

Update in student profile

Collecting extra fees

Institutes collect extra or special fees for conducting events. Thus, notification to parents. Hence, it is visible in the parent mobile app. Also, they receive sms or email notification through the bulk email facility.

Pay online or offline

Student Performance Recognition

Students take part in various programs held.  As a result, they get participation certificates. Incase of competitions, they announce winners. All such certificates add to the individual profile of the student database.