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An adaptable system is the most preferred feature of any custom software.

In the dynamic world, change is the only thing that is common. Likewise there are additions to the system. Thus every system needs to be ready to add new functions. One such integration is our  best biometric attendance system.

Each of us upgrade ourselves with the latest trends. Software application is no exception.

With the improving performance, new ideas creep in. Thus, you feel to have more additions to the existing system. Upgradation is the key to survival. In such cases, there are more add ons. The system should be humble to accept them. Thus is the need of creating an adaptable system. The addons should enhance productivity.


Nolwaboard, best school management software is suitable for all kinds of integrations.  Thus. as per the need of any particular school the required upgradation is possible. In a year, there had been so many integrations added to this system. And they have all performed very well.  Apart from the  best biometric attendance system, it also integrates with many functionalities. 

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Bio-metric Integration

Bio-metric applications are now found in corporate, business and education sectors.  It makes use of a fingerprint or face scanner to save the details of a particular person in the database. Maintaining an online attendance register is now very easy. It can save both students’ and staff attendance using  best biometric attendance system

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Online Payment Gateway

Fees is the important source of income to every school and college. Parents no longer have to come to school to pay the fees. They can do it anytime from anywhere. Then the money reflects in the system. Accordingly, the accountant can update the fee details in the student database. Further is visible in both student and parent dashboard. Finally saves the soft copy of fee receipt for future use.

Automatic accounts update

Bulk SMS or Email notification

We have an inbuilt bulk sms and email facility. At one instance you can choose to send a message to thousands of people. All you need is the database of phone numbers  and email IDs. And so as per need, send sms or email to everyone on single click. Also, choose to send to parents of particular class/es. All combinations are possible.

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Conduct Virtual Classes to Teach Online

The best software designers integrated this software with the learning management system. It enables you to conduct online classes. It facilitates the teacher to conduct online sessions of a particular class. All the participants in the virtual class can interact, discuss and learn.

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Custom dynamic website

Website is essential for every business. Education sector is no exception. Get a customized dynamic website designed for you. Further, a smart school is more advanced with an illustrative website. Websites tell the world about your existence. Also showcases the amazing work you do in your institute


Improve Digital Presence

Being active on social media helps to connect with the world. It is a cost effective platform to showcase your work. With the increasing number or such platforms, manage all accounts from one place. We have an integrated one stop solution. Now, manage all your social media pages through a single account.

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Mobile Apps

The system has a customized mobile app for teachers, students and parents. Teachers now perform their daily activities from their phone. Students can check their homework, classwork and activities. Parents’ mobile app enables parents to track all the school activities of their child at a glance.

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Tally Integration

This makes the yearly accounting quite easy. Because the inbuilt account database integrates with tally applications. This ensures you to manage your finances and taxes at ease. Also the accountant can export or import data into tally with a single click. This ensures the secured financial management of the institute.


Sync with Google Drive

This system excels with the  best biometric attendance system . Also   provides G-suite service. As it helps you make use of google features in your business. Be it creating your own contact forms, using MS office, email or having a cloud storage all can be done at ease.