Attendance Management System for school college In Saudi Arabia | India

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Goodbye Registers !!! The Attendance Management system is in.

Managing attendance is the important aspect of every working organization. Attendance management system tracks all members present at any point of time.

Discipline is the pillar of every academic institute.

School Management Application

Every school or college uses attendance as a metric to analyse students’ performance. If the student is regular, s/he would involve more. They would attend all the lectures. Also they can take part in the activities. As a result, the student shows active involvement. Finally improves the performance of the child.


Also, the attendance is the major criteria to appear for examinations.  Less attendance means the student is irregular. And so they are not allowed to write exams. As a result, he will have to compensate with a penalty. Yet there are exceptions where the student gets permission to take leave. For instance, any issue related to health is genuine.

 nTeacher mobile app is available for both android and iOS users. It enables teachers to automate all the work from their phone. This app is ready to download from the play store. And so it is easy to install. It has advanced data protection and system security features. Hence, makes it a highly secured Teacher’s mobile app.

Parents relate to teachers  through students. Each task given to a student is visible to his/her parent. If need be they can communicate with each other.  The transparency between all the stakeholders makes it a highly feasible solution. This unique feature of the Teacher Management System leads to optimal performance. 

In conclusion, the well structured teacher dashboard improves performance.

Three Types of Attendance

To take attendance is a daily process. Additionally, as per need take it for each subject. Else some prefer twice in a day. Attendance for both student and teacher is present is the Attendance management system.

Instant Follow Up

The teacher can also take attendance through the mobile. Further is immediately visible to every parent. When a student is absent, the system sends an immediate message to parents. Notifications pop up on the parent dashboard. The parent can justify the same.

Automatic Calculator

At the end of month, this best school management software generates cumulative reports. Accordingly, generates quarterly or annual reports. Each student can see the same in his profile. Also every parent can track the child's regularity. It is visible in the parent dashboard.

Integrated with bio-metric system

Best software development company designed this unique feature. It enables the fingerprint tracking system. The moment the teacher comes to school, enters his/her own attendance by punching in the machine. Useful during generating salary.

Higher Authority Tracking

Class teacher can see all absent students for every subject in the day. At any point of time attendance is under supervision. Total number of students present is visible in the principal and admin dashboard. Also, it mentions the total number of working staff for the day.

Integrated with Leave Application

Incase of an emergency, parents can apply for leave through the parent's mobile app. Further, the administrator either approves or disapproves the leave. If approved, absent is marked in the system. Else, the same is visible to the parent and class teacher.